Fortune Avenue is a new take on a Monopoly-like experience

Fortune Avenue is an exciting multiplayer board game. Buy properties, build hotels and build monopolies across continents. Or ruin your opponents! 🎲 🏨

Welcome to Fortune Avenue, a strategic multiplayer board game. With the assurance of Steam VAC, we prioritize fair and secure multiplayer interactions. Unlike other games, Fortune Avenue steers clear of the pay-to-win model, ensuring that success is earned through skill and strategy rather than deep pockets.
Our dice mechanics are rooted in real-world physics, providing an authentic gaming experience. Every roll is a blend of chance and strategy, adding depth to your decisions. Adding another layer of excitement is our Wheel of Fortune, also governed by physics, to keep every game fresh and dynamic.
With a focus on fairness, strategic depth, and a touch of unpredictability, it stands as a beacon in the realm of multiplayer board games.
Join us on Fortune Avenue and experience gaming where success is earned, not bought, and chance is a genuine, physics-based thrill.